Career Counseling

In Career Counseling Sessions We help individuals make primed career choices and help
them define their career lines to build up the success in their chosen careers. A plan is develop according to the need to improve individual’s current career and provide advice about entering a new profession.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing helps in revive one’s self from bad habits.
We gently facilitate the process with insight, therapy, and deportment. It is a important aspect of human functioning–spiritual people have positive relationships, high self- esteem and have meaning and target in life

Psycho healing

It is an advanced, energy-based method of psychotherapy and healing. Its scope and depth go beyond traditional psychotherapy, as it can also be used for physical healing as well as the healing of relationships, past-life trauma, and karmic entanglements.
Psycho energetic Healing is a safe, effective, and efficient process. In each session the client will experience a commanding change or shift. Psycho Healing is a conjunct process between the client, practitioner, and higher-vibration energies or beings of Light.

Life Coach

It involves helping individuals to improve their lives by doing challenging or worthwhile things.
Dr. Rekha Rathi is a Certified Associate Power Coach (APC) from Coaching and Leadership International (CLI), Canada, with expertise in Power Coaching with Mind – Kinetics.
It helps you to clarify your goals, identify the  hurdles holding you back, and then come up with arrangements for overcoming each hurdle.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression therapy has been developed in 1950’s. it is getting popular these days and so many researches are coming out now. It is a very helpful subject for every clinical treatment, it is helpful for a dovish and prosperous life and here I would say that it is very helpful for peaceful death also.
Meet your guardian angel
Heal your-self
For peace
Overcome your fears
Clearing/healing trauma
Contacting creativity
Growth & Spiritual awakening
Rewriting past-life contracts

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot card perusing is the act of utilizing tarot cards to pick up understanding into the past, present or future by detailing an inquiry, at that point drawing and translating cards.
Benefits of TAROT Card Reading:
Solve your problems
Confusions are clear
Find out directions of life
Clarity in all areas of life
Peace & Harmony
Sharpens your instinct
Relieve stress & find peace
Have your gut hunches validated
Revelation of the absolute truth
Prepare you for the future

Work Shops

Various Work Shops organize by Dr. Rekha Rathi for different groups of Society:
Workshop For Children :
Magic Camp
Meri Aadatein

Workshop For Home Makers :
Interpersonal Relationships
Personality Enhancement
Upbringing of Children
Modern Trends & Techniques(Kitty party, Yoga & Pranayama and Laughing Therapy)
Health & Hygiene
Emotional Balance
Fears & Phobias
Training for Drivers, Conductors & Shop Floor Employees
Customer Satisfaction
Health & Hygiene
Alcohol & Drug Abuse
Team Development