In a small interview with Rekha Rathi, the secret of her journey of becoming a Tarot Card Reader was unveiled, when she was asked, “How did you become a Tarot Card Reader?


We were wondering that after giving more than 15 years to the corporate world, how come you landed up as a Mystic Healer?”.


She replied, “Ahh! That’s a long one.. it all started 28 years back, when I was just 9 years old. It’s still so fresh in my mind. It was a weekend and I was travelling with my father’s employee in a bus from Kekri to Jaipur. Jaipur is 125 kms from Kekri and we had taken a night bus which started at 10:30pm.


It was a 4-5 hours’ journey. I was in my pink and white frock and was vigilant of my parrot I was carrying. I was very happy as I was going for my studies.


Fortunately, I had the entire two seats to myself, so, I lied down comfortably and then in a fraction of a second I dozed off and I got flashes of images where the entire bus was tumbling over, a board with ‘Diggi Malpura’ written, screams and shrieks of passengers, kids crying, boxes and bags falling on passengers. The bus was toppling without stopping at all.


I woke up with my eyes wide open and held on to the front seat rail, but before I could react to it, we experienced exactly what I saw few minutes ago. The bus toppled 7 times but thankfully there were no major injuries inflicted on any of the passengers. My parrot, my father’s employee and I were safe and sound.


I heard people talking that the incident happened at ‘Diggi Malpura’, same place what I had seen in my dream. We were put in another vehicle and we went back home to Kekri. I narrated to my parents what I had seen it and told them that I had known that something like that would happen, but, my ignorant parents were unable to understand me.


Time kept passing by and I got happily married and gave birth to a beautiful boy child. I was now 27,ß working with this Insurance company with no growth and whether you like it or loathe it, office politics are a fact of life in any organization. Left completely frustrated with this workplace politics, I resigned and took some time for myself.


After few days, I continuously started having fever during the evenings but reason could not be diagnosed. It was so boring to do nothing at home.. I bought an astrology book, but uninterestingly kept it in my book rack, then I saw tarot cards lying next to it, which I had bought out of fun few years back. But that too could not ease my restlessness.


It was during this time when again I started getting flashes of images.. this time flashes of these Tarot Cards.


I immediately took out that set of Tarot Cards and started observing them listening to my inner voice, my intuition and from that day I never looked back.


Needless to mention, the seed was sown inside me when I was 9 years old.. That day I got present to the existence of some power which is there.. how and what.. all that I was yet to explore. But yes, it started that day. Or I would say that “Tarot Cards Chose Me” and here I am today”.

Interview Questions: RR

One advice of heart which I did not follow

They are lost in life and in a need of ear

Yes. I had an intuition about one of my client and hence immediately gave him a call and came to know that he was in a big fight with her spouse. I immediately grabbed my car keys, reached his place and resolved the issue.

I am organizing a spiritual conference and a Mystic Spa in London and Dubai.

My ability to recognize the right cause of suffering

Along with the daily core activities, meeting the maximum people possible for healing. My every action is meditation in itself

Fast questions: (with fun element attached) / (one word/half a line answer)

Entering into the heart of the other person without the other person knowing about it

Keep smiling and keep bringing smiles.