Pregnancy Healer

Women and men can both experience mental health issues during the pregnancy (the ‘antenatal’ period), as well as after the birth (the ‘postnatal’ period).
For some people, pregnancy can lead to conditions such as:
 depression
 anxiety
 Bipolar disorder (less common).
Up to 1 in 10 women and 1 in 20 men experience antenatal depression. Antenatal anxiety is also common, and many people experience anxiety and depression at the same time.
Certain factors can put you at greater risk of developing this kind of mental health issue during pregnancy. These include:
 past problems with your mental health
 feeling you don’t have enough support
 going through a hard time, such as in your relationship
 past or current abuse of any sort
 Problems with drugs or alcohol.
We reduce the discomfort of child birth, increase calm and maximize physical health through our holistic approach and take Care of Your Mental Health during Pregnancy